Seasonal Points for Rim of the World High School

 Rim of the World had a great season, going into CIF with a 3,2 score.  "This year we have the best group of players, along with a great work ethic. We have really worked hard, and are ready to take the first step into winning the CIF championship." This statement was from the Scot's captain and linebacker, Justin Hardin, who was among many of the athletes prepared to fight for the ultimate title. The mind set proved successful, as they advance into the championship game this coming Friday. The fighting Scots recently beat Banning 69-20 despite the icy circumstances. The team corresponded to Banning powerfully when scoring quickly in the first quarter. They continued to play phenomenally throughout the night, and finished the game with a fourth quarter touchdown. Though there is more still to come, the Scots have proven entertaining and inspiring so far in the season. The community and high school will be standing behind the team until the end. 

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